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The Herborth & Coughtry Families

Frank & Emma

Dairy farmers in Ellice Township, Perth County, Ontario

Arthur & Jessica

They lived in Toronto and Montreal. Jessica graduated from McGill Normal School in 1892.

Lorne & Ethel

Lorne started his career as a machinist for the railways.

John & Jane

John was an Ambulanceman (Paramedic) in Scotland. Jean immigrated to Canada after John's death.

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Perth County Families

Discover many of the pioneering families to Perth County, Ontario

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Person of the Week

The Great Wizard of the North, John Henry Anderson

World renowned , Professional Magician during the Victoria Age .



Our Ancestors

Eckhardt Wettlaufer

Inventor of the crokinole board in 1875 as a gift for his five-year old son.

William Crearie

Corporal William Crearie, killed in action in Tunisia, April 1943.

Isabella Buchan

Isabel was convicted of stealing a gown in Aberdeen in 1849. Sentenced to 7 years and transported to Van Diemenís Land (Tasmania).

Andrew Lees

Andrew Lees, a seaman and Naval Reservist from Stonehaven, Scotland, drowned in the sinking of the vessel 'Dalhousie' in November, 1864.

The Book on the Shelf

"The special book upon the shelf, was made with many hands.

Our ancestors who posed back then, All came from different lands.

Their pictures were all tucked away, and rarely did we see,

The importance of these treasures - the start of you and me.

The history of our families, now here in black and white.

Preserved with special care and time, each page is done just right.

When time permits, we take it down, and think of days long past.

Our hopes, our dreams, our heritage. All safe and made to last."

Authour Unknown


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